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How to Get Started with B2B Content Marketing + Content Writing

A course from Derek Little, CEO Trailblazerwriting.com

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<a href="https://productmarketingformula.com">How to Get Started with B2B Content Marketing + Content Writing</a> Book Cover
How to Get Started with B2B Content Marketing + Content Writing Digital Marketing Fundamentals Content Marketing Trailblazerwriting.com 4-part video series ProductMarketingFormula.com

What You’ll Learn in this Course

  • 4 steps to planning a content marketing that uses the right channels, messages and content
  • 5 steps to creating compelling content writing that magnetically attracts the right prospects to your business
  • Digital marketing myths and behaviors to avoid that can sabotage content marketing + content writing
  • Systems for onboarding, training and inspiring talent to help you scale your content marketing effectively and inexpensively

Course Requirements

No requirements! Just the motivation to grow your business, increase your sales and build long-term equity.

Who is this Course for:

  • Product Marketing Managers who want their marketing campaigns to have more impact
  • Marketing Directors who need onboard the right talent for scaling up content operations
  • CEOs unsure about their marketing strategy who want marketing advice bundled with services


“We continue to be impressed with your research and methodical preparation. We’re excited for the outcome. Please continue to provide your input and ideas.”

– Wes Marsh, Marketing Director, eRep CPQ Software for Manufacturers and Distributors

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Derek Littlehttps://trailblazerwriting.com
Derek Little is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MarketingResults.club and CEO of TrailblazerWriting.com. He's also author of "The B2B Marketer's Journey." His specialty is creating copy and content for software firms selling to enterprise clients or that have a complex sales process. He's also creator of an online course for helping marketers increase their sales - ProductMarketingFormula.com.

Here's how you benefit from taking part in the 2020 Virtual Summit:

Get the Latest Research
Stay updated on the latest trends and gather valuable marketing research.

Build Your Business Network
Use cutting edge technology to get many of the networking benefits of in-person events without the travel and cost.

Engage in Debates and Refine Your Ideas
Live Q&A, breakout sessions and workshops let you engage in thought provoking discussion to help develop your ideas.

Win an Award - Get Recognized
Professional marketers can use their accomplishments to win an award that positions them for career success.

Improve Your Communications
Presenters improve their communication skills by practicing soft skills, learning to pace their presentation and what amount of detail to share.

Inspirational Quote

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”
- Steve Jobs

How to Get Started with B2B Content Marketing + Content Writing

What You'll Learn in this Course 4 steps to planning a content marketing that uses...

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