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Experiential Marketing Challenged by Coronavirus Says Marketing Director

An interview with Jean Cameron, Senior Marketing Director, Movius Corp.

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Jean Cameron is a Senior Marketing Director for Movius Corporation. Movius is the leading global provider in cloud-based secure mobile communications software. In this interview she shares her point of view on the coming impact of the Coronavirus and what B2B marketers can do about it.

Your Thoughts?

Share below how do you believe B2B marketers should adapt to a post-coronavirus world


  1. I love what Jean has to say about the need for marketers to get creative with experiential marketing and establishing an emotional connection with customers. That said, I still find email a powerful way to stay in touch with customers, guide them through sales funnels, and let them know when we are doing something they are likely interested in. Email isn’t dead… if you are sending emails that truly deliver value to your audience!

    • Agreed on both points, Julius. My POV on emailing is that “cold” emailing probably is dead for B2B, along with cold calling. But if you make a compelling opt-in offer, emailing can be as alive and cost effective as ever.

  2. Hi Julias,
    Great feedback. I agree that email isn’t dead if you give them something compelling to offer. Email is going to be noise for the next 6-8 weeks. Marketers are stuck, right now, in getting messages out to their prospects and everyone is turning to email. I’ve seen an uptick in my email by almost 40%! I can tell you, I’ve read 2 of them. The 2 I’ve read is because I was a customer and wanted to see how they (small business) was doing in wake of these times. So for the next 6-8 weeks, I would encourage any marketer to think out of the box!

  3. Good comments from Jean. She is absolutely correct in pointing out that this is an opportunity for us all to focus on experiential marketing and get back to what marketing is really all about. I think she is spot on that the challenge posed by Coronavirus would compel Marketers to become more innovative. To me the idea of experiential marketing is not a new thing. I believe that the whole purpose of marketing is to build an emotional connection with our customers and provide a memorable experience driving deeper relationships. Customers usually have tons of choice and what would help a company/product stand out is this emotional appeal. This appeal gives you an unfair advantage as a customer is fine to overlook some of your product’s comparative shortcomings as long as it meets the core need-set. The challenge posed by Coronavirus is hopefully, short lived, but the idea of creating wonderful experiences for our customers is time-tested.

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