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Our Editorial Mission

“The Marketing Results Club is where B2B Marketing professionals Get Tips, Advice and Inspiration for Creating their Vision of Success.”

Derek Little, Editor-in-Chief, The Marketing Results Club

Our Audience

Are you professional B2B marketer following a marketing career path? This blog was created to help you reach your personal and professional objectives. This includes your job title, salary objectives and work satisfaction.

Our Content

Our writers interview B2B marketers about their successes and challenges. Readers get information and inspiration on a range of topics including leadership, career advice and marketing trends.

Our Writers

Our content is created by professional B2B marketers and copywriters. You can read their biography at the bottom of each article and click on their name to visit their writer profile page to learn more.

Posting Policy

Authors should have a track record of creating great content. Each Author gets their own Profile on the site. All content submitted must be original and helpful to our community of readers. Outgoing links should only be to people being interviewed on topics that follow our content guidelines. Authors should contribute to the community by posting comments and replies.

Our Values

MarketingResults.club is committed to ethical publishing.

  • Honest
  • Accurate
  • Transparent
  • Independent
  • Accountable
  • Ethical
  • Permanent
  • Original
  • Accessible
  • Respectful of user data

Advertising and Sponsored Content

No featured stories are sponsored. Some sponsored content is published to cover the cost of website operations. Any content that is sponsored is labelled as “Sponsored Content.”