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Enterprise Blockchain for Supply Chain

Enterprise Blockchain Firm Succeeds with Storytelling

Software publishing is one of the least profitable industries when getting started due to the high upfront costs of R&D. Here’s a story about enterprise blockchain for supply chain firm Morpheus.Network that explains why their product is different and why that's important. Narrated by...
brand story showdown

How to Make Your Software Marketing Results-Driven

An effective brand story can level the playing field for a small business. But what story should you tell? How do you get started? In this I share my own brand story. It may not be glamorous, but it's real. Leave a...
Buyer Personas, The B2B Marketing Trends Podcast

4 Tips for Creating Useful B2B Personas

As marketers we’ve all been in those conference rooms, the whiteboard is full, there are flip-charts around the walls, and we are discussing personas. It’s a worthy endeavor, a core tenet of a marketing plan, understanding who you are selling to and trust me, some B2B companies...
The Marketing Results Club

Real-life Customer Story Told on Stage Generates 5 times More Case Studies

Gina Balarin is Founder and CEO of Verballistics, a boutique marketing agency specializing in corporate storytelling for software and services firms. In this article she explains how Verballistics got started and why telling powerful stories leads to more stories. How did your company get...

How a Google Update May Be Limiting Your Online Visibility

Nancy Deol is Founder and CEO of New Hampshire Digital Marketing Agency, HeartBrain Marketing. In this interview she explains why a Google update may be holding back your online visibility - and what to do about it. Leave a voice message with your...
Ted Birkhahn, President, Hot Paper Lantern

The Value of Storytelling for B2B Brands

Ted Birkhahn is the President of integrated marketing services firm Hot Paper Lantern. They combine consulting, marketing and technology solutions for some of the world’s largest B2B brands. In this interview he talks about the brand challenges today’s B2B companies face and the critical role played by storytelling....
Rebecca Gill, emagine

How New Google Changes Have Affected Search Marketing

Rebecca Gill is Vice President of Digital Services for emagine, a digital marketing agency in the Boston area. Her agency helps companies of all sizes, from startups to large hospital systems. In this interview Gill explains how dramatic changes made by Google are affecting search marketing. Read...
Valor Healthcare motorcycle ride to support healthcare for veterans

Challenge Coin Awarded for Campaign That Helps Children of Fallen Heroes

Pasha Irshad is a Senior Director of Digital Marketing with The Merritt Group, a marketing agency that blends marketing, PR and creative grounded in industry expertise. In this interview he shares his proudest moment as a Marketing Director. From the vantage point of also being a small...

Inspirational Quote

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”
- Steve Jobs